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we ate the love burger three times in a week. he tastes super good! also otherwise, leon offers a quite large number of vegan options.

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Finally, one of the best things I have ever brought in my life!

fast eating, but full of taste. tortilla is a great Mexican/Californic Burrito chain with five or six outlets dotted over london and I am very happy to have one on my stretch. this filiale is located on the ground floor of a modern building in southwark street right behind the did modern. it has an additional seating area on the floor above, but this is only opened at midday to deal with the humble of hungry office types that float out of the door. it is a caffe like room; clean, tidy and efficient running. they don't want to stay too long when they shot their Mexican snackage, but I think that's part of the point. they will be as happy here as a single daybook, a few or with a bigger party I visited with b and also on my own. as we showed up last Thursday night, I believe it is open until 9 o'clock, as we have gone to the joys of the carnival Christmas market on the south bank along the thems. it seems to be quite calm when they fall in every time after the lunch break and we receive a cordial greeting as we slung over the menu at the wall through the servier zone. as most of the Mexican grill type places that they decide whether they go the burrito or tacos route, then they draw on the compilation of their dream filling. I have at the moment a little taco-love, so I went for a few of the little corn-beauties, with the mouth watering carnitas pork, which was slowly cooked in a centimeter of his life. I built this with some hot salsa, monterey jack cheese, acidic cream and shredded iceberg salad. b went down the Burrito route and had an evil young filled with pork, rice, pinto bee, cheese and a good hit the middle salsa. a bowl of freshly made, very cingy, guacamole with a bag of excellent tortilla chips on the side and we were good to go. this is powerful, powerful fine almost food with excellent ingredients and lovingly prepared. there are large bottles of chili sauce on the table they should need it and there some food bits and pieces that they can buy to take home, they should be happy to make their own Mexican firm. if they are in the mood for a beer, then they are in luck as they have an excellent selection of Mexican and American brews. I had a bottle of the anchor steam beer and b washes the evil with a beautiful Mexican bottle whose name has completely removed me (not the usual corona or dos equis, so I soon have to make a return visit to check on this easy outlet! three quarters of an hour later we left a few very big gries with our starving beautiful sat and my wallet less than £20 light result.


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¡Deberías probar la ensalada de este lugar, es fresca y deliciosa!.


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